Demonstrate your football
skills at the national level

How to participate

Athletes register to ENK Academy

To participate in the National Combine, click on Join a team in the menu and enter the code below:


Once your request is accepted
to join the National Combine,
you will have access to 7 drills.

You can film yourself performing the
drills, and then upload your videos to
receive your performance report!

Coaches across Canada will have access to your results. If you are a coach, and want to access the database of players, please contact us at

1. Register to ENK Academy
2. Film yourself performing the 5-10-5 and 10-yard dash drills
3. Upload your videos and receive your scores shortly after!

Football players, this is an opportunity
to demonstrate your skills at a National level

Through the new ENK Academy’s platform, you can now upload videos of yourself performing the 5-10-5 and 10-yard dash to your ENK account to receive an official time and begin participating in our virtual combine! It is free and easy to do, all you need is a field and a camera. Send your videos and get better now!

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This initiative is in collaboration with Football Canada


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